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Welcome to the TAP Tribe!

This area is just for YOU!  In this section, you can view your image, order your image, complete What's Your Word, and submit a testimonial! 

This project wouldn't be alive without you, and the inspiration you provide to the world is truly priceless!

Gallery -  Click here to view Awakenings IV images 

Here you will find your image from your recent session.  Images here are only from the most current cycle.  Once added here, images will be placed into the ration on social media accounts however, it may take some time before they are posted.  We can certainly tag once these are posted - be sure to let us know your social medial handles.  


What's Your Word - Click here to submit your perspective on your word

What your word (or words) mean to you is unique (even if your word has been used before).  What brings us to our word(s) is our experiences and our journeys have been exceptional and uniquely special to us.  Share your journey, and your perception.  Each What's Your Word will be featured on the website and participants will be notified 5-7 days prior to publishing.  


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