Participant Information

The Awakenings Project welcomes women, girls, and women or female identifying individuals to participate in this empowering experience. 

Participants of The Awakenings Project come from all walks of life.  We graciously welcome those who feel the call to participate and stand in their truth as they define themselves  - instead of allowing society to tell us they are. 

While based in St. Louis, MO, The Awakenings Project travels often and is adding new locations on a regular basis. 

To participate, simply find us at The Awakenings Project STL on Facebook and check events to sign up for an upcoming session if we are in your city.

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Marissa Southards
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Already participated? 

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Make sure to join Awakenings—Participant Group on Facebook.  Your image will be posted there.  This group is for participants only as all images are released to participants only first.  This is done to ensure your image is shown to you in a loving environment.  

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Let us know how you want to receive your print!  Prints are released via the participant group for sharing in a digital format.  An 8x10 print will be provided to each participant at no cost upon the closure of the cycle.  Prints can be picked up in person (if you are local to St. Louis, MO) or shipped to your address.  

Talk about The Awakenings Project!  As we grow, our participants are inspiring others around the world.  Share our posts and our website and let's keep this magic spreading out!