And Then We Arrived....Here

Marissa Southards | 17 March, 2022

            And Then We Arrived....Here

Marissa here.  Been a while, huh? 

Covid handed this here project one gigantic pause button.  Little did I know the journey that was in store as the world went through the first year of Covid. 

I left the company I had been with soon after completing my second degree in late 2020.  I made a pit spot at another firm, but left after a few months.  Any company that can handle all that is me has to be pretty dynamic, right?  I eventually landed at my current firm through a connection I had made earlier in my career and I really think the is the one I'll call home for a long long time.  How I got from a low level marketing coordinator to a leadership role is tale from another day.  Lots of wake up moments in that particular journey for sure, and a definitely taught me the art of appreciating a well timed what-the-fuck moment.  

2020 and 2021 weren’t really overly kind to me.  On top of walking away from a creative passion project and an incredible community of badass folx, I walked into milestones I really wasn’t ready for.  A global pandemic, combined with a career in healthcare.  The separation of myself and one of my closest friends for a time.  The death of a dear friend and TAP participant, followed by the death of my mother less than 2 months later. And then a career change.  And that was just 2020.   

So where are we now? Not quite sure yet.  I'm working for a company I love.  I'm pursuing creative life again.  And I'm two semesters away from an MBA. I have a teenager now, and a tween.  That is a whole other set of adventures though.  But i know it's time to put my story out here.  Maybe some of y'al will laugh at me.  Maybe you'll laugh WITH me.   Or you'll think I'm an idiot.  Either way, maybe you'll earn what NOT to do as I ponder how in the actual fuck I got to here.


Stay magical y'all, and stay tuned...




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