An Extraverted Introvert?

Marissa Southards | 08 April, 2022

            An Extraverted Introvert?

I came across a thread on IG posted by @myeasytherapy and I have never in all my days felt so got-dammed SEEN!  You know how that goes right? You're just mindlessly scrolling through your socials, and there it is - in your face - HEY BISH!  THIS YOU! And down the self reflection rabbit hole you go. 

Go follow @myeasytherapy like...yesterday (link at the bottom of this page!).  Trust me on this.  But prepare yourself to scroll fast on those days you don't feel like you just called out for who you are, unless you are ready to face it.  #PrepareYourself

Let's look at the eight signs of probably being an extraverted introvert!  

1.  Certain people drain you, while others energize you.

2.  You find people both intriguing and exhausting.

3.  You love being alone, but appreciate good company.

4.  Your energy levels are closely tied to your environment. 

5.  You would rather say what's on your mind than make small talk. 

6.  You enjoy socializing, but always have an escape plan. 

7.  You are selective with your people and your social calendar. 

8.  People often mistake you for an extravert. 


Let me tell you - number 7 and 8 hit REALLY f'ing close to home for me.  My career is in the people industry.  No widgets, no product, per se, but PEOPLE.  I talk ALL DAMN DAY.   I make a living by TALKING.  And negotiating.  And leading.  And managing.  So you bet your ass I am hella selective on the energy spent on people and my social calendar.  My bestie will hit my inbox, and I love that I can hit back and be like "the people battery is blinking..." and she gets it. 

It's never a bad idea to surround yourself with people that just GET you and know not only WHY you're selective, but also don't take offense when you need to exercise that option.  It's always amazing to me when people think I'm this incredibly extraverted person.  I mean, I get the perception, right?  I appear outgoing, I can talk to nearly anyone (legit - have never met a stranger), and I can move through a crowd with ease.  But trust me when I say this....I am nowhere near an extravert.  I place a deep value on my social boundaries and when the people battery is blinking, I shut it down and go recharge.  I totally recognize that my methods aren't always received well, but at this age....self preservation is a fucking art form.  


Let's look at number 6 though.... you enjoy socializing, but you always have an escape plan.

One more time...

You enjoy socializing, BUT YOU ALWAYS HAVE AN ESCAPE PLAN.  


I know damn well I'm not the only one that does this....right??  I mean, I can't even dig in to analyze this.  But I KNOW I'm not the only one that pulls this self preservation trick out right? 

IYKYK - that's all I'm sayin'.  

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